10-Year-Old Kid Helps a Blind Deer Get Food Every Morning Before Going to School

Sometimes it seems that we’ve got so much to learn from kids, from their honesty, their kindness and simply their uncorrupted actions in life. The following story we’re about to share with you helped us restore our faith in humanity and believe that maybe there’s still hope for us. There’s so much to be learned from our kids and if only we, adults, were more like them, the world would be a better place.

The user Bluecollarclassicist shared a heartwarming story on Reddit about a little kid and a blind deer. A blind deer would never survive in nature on his own, so the kind-hearted boy offered him a helping hand. Every day, before school, the boy would take the deer to the grassy spots along the side walk so that the deer could find food and eat. The cute couple was spotted by a neighbor who took a photo of the two and posted it on Imgur. As soon as the photo went online, it went viral and the little boy’s kindness melted people’s hearts.

As soon as the story started spreading online, the Department of Natural Resources in Illinois decided to adopt the blind animal and provide him with food and safe shelter. The little boy hadn’t named the deer since it was after all a wild animal and he knew that one day they will have to part ways. The boy was happy to learn that the deer was in safe hands and that he no longer had to worry that something bad will happen to him

The deer was lucky that he was picked up by a local organization and not the government officials because they often put down animals like this without batting an eye. The organization that took him in promised to take good care for the animal and provide for his needs.

It was such a lucky circumstance for the deer to have wondered off in the boy’s neighborhood because who knows what would have happened to him if he went somewhere else. He could have starved to death or get hit by a car. But instead, the caring boy decided to help the poor animal and they forged such a beautiful and trusting relationship. We could all learn so much from his example and be more respectful of the environment we live in.

Bluecollarclassicist, the user that shared this story on Reddit, hopes that the kid will be able to see the deer again in the local nature preserve where he lives now.

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