109 -Year-Old Woman Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret To A Long And Healthy Life

A 109-year-old woman says avoiding men is the secret to a long and healthy life. How can you know the secrets of a long life? People claim that we should ask people who are more than a hundred years old. Some of them say that they have healthy habits or that they exercise every day, some others use their family tree as an example, etc. Susana Jones, a centenarian, was convinced that the reason she lived for 116 years is the bacon.

A survey on the national level of American centenarians was issued by HR in 2015. They surveyed real persons that were more than a hundred years old. They asked them some questions such as how they succeeded to have such a long life.

The things that they revealed were saving money from an early age, facing their problems, physically active, spending quality time with their families.

Gallan Jesse is a hundred and nine-year-old Scottish lady that had a really weird answer.

Jesse was born in 1906 on a farm in Scotland in Kintore. She had 5 sisters and a brother and they grew up on this farm in a small cottage with only two rooms.

They slept on a mattress that was straw-stuffed and they attended school just for a short period and then they started working in the kitchen of the farm.

Jesse worked in the town as a housemaid. That was her carrier in the city and in the country.

When she was older, Jesse moved to the Crosby House that is a center to care for senior citizens. One of the employees there told a news station that Gallan is a wonderful woman. She also said that Jesse has a best friend there and they are inseparable. Her friend’s name is Jane Sarah. Jesse likes music and she is a really independent woman. She always walks about.

We can see that Jesse is really active and has a good social life and that also helped her to live more than 100 years. She died in 2015 in March. Jesse told a secret about how to live a long life. It is unheard of before. She said that her secret to living long is that she stayed away from men. She also added that they bring more trouble than benefit.

Another thing that she mentioned is that she likes her porridge and that she had had it all her life.

All in all, she was an amazing woman. However, each of you decided if he/she needs to marry and whether their partner has a positive or a negative influence.

Source: her.womenworking.com

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